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Angie White, Librarian!

Angie White, who is the current Digital Production Coordinator in the Discovery, Technology, and Publishing Department (DTP) at Boatwright Memorial Library, received her Masters of Library & Information Studies from the School of Library & Information Studies at the University of Alabama just this December. Angie has been a full time staff member at Boatwright since May of 2013.

Angie is a 4th generation graduate from the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA, where she earned her undergraduate degree in history.

After graduating UMW and taking a year off for an amazing bus ride across the country in a converted school bus (you’ll have to ask Angie to tell you this story), she applied to library school.

Her interest in history and working with historical documents from her time at UMW led Angie to the library program at the University of Alabama. She was also inspired by her mom, who worked at Swem Library during her own undergraduate days and loved it very much. Newly enrolled in the online library school in May of 2012, Angie also emailed Chris Kemp, Head of DTP, and asked if there were any internships in his department. She had heard about the Tokyo War Crimes project and thought it would dovetail nicely with her library school work. So, at the same time Angie was starting library school, she also started as an unpaid intern at Boatwright. As an intern, she worked on the Post-Soviet Resettlement project and the Centennial project.

When I asked Angie what she liked about library school (and remember this was all online except for a three-day campus visit the first semester), she said she liked the small class sizes, all of the stimulating discussion, and the group work. Since this was all online, I was surprised, and I asked her for more information. She said all of the classes were live, with students and teachers using Blackboard Collaborate. Her favorite collaboration tool was, and continues to be, Google Docs. Other platforms they used for their collaborations were Google Hangouts, Facebook, and Skype.

Angie also said she really enjoyed her last library class, which was on cataloging, as a great practical class. She also finds the philosophy of library systems, the fact that a library is made up of many moving parts that make it come together as a whole and how hard it can be to keep it all moving in one direction, very interesting. She is also a great proponent of the library’s missions of sharing and open access.

Angie’s work with the digital camera for digital projects has led to a love of photography, which has become a passion. Here is a post Angie wrote this past August on the DTP blog. My final question to Angie was… “and are you watching the new TV show, The Librarians?” and she answered with a resounding, “Yes!”

Angie White on the left and Tom Campagnoli on the right.

Angie White on the left and Tom Campagnoli on the right.

Finally, we all want to congratulate Angie White on her great accomplishment and appreciate her enthusiasm and all of her skills she brings to our department and to the library.