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August 2014

towerBWThe new Academic school year of 2014-2015 has started. There is a hint of cooler weather
and the angle of the sun has changed just a bit. I always think the beginning of the school year is a good time to reflect on what we do here at the Department of Discovery, Technology and Publishing.

Since a lot of what I do is behind the scenes I always try to attend the Colloquy. This year it was at the Alice Jepson Theatre last Wednesday August 20th. The Colloquy is where the provost, the president, and others welcome new faculty members to campus. The Deans of all the schools all speak and the newly endowed chairs are announced. For someone like me who no longer has daily interactions with faculty and mostly only our student assistants, it is a good reminder of the greater university community and some of the reasons why we are here in the first place.

All staff and faculty are invited to attend the Colloquy and it remains one of the few times during the academic year that both staff and faculty can gather, meet and talk to each other. I still remember when I first started working at the university over 20 years ago and I attended my first similar gathering. These formal gatherings always made a huge impression on me, always coaxing reflections for me on my work and time here in the library. This year was no different.

Welcome to the new school year.

Now all of you get to work!

Photo of the Boatwright Tower © 2014 Angie White

Text by Tom Campagnoli