“Draw Back the Curtain” Now Online

DTP began working with UR Hillel and Richmond’s Jewish Family Services a few years ago to digitize materials and build a project website in support of “Draw Back the Curtain,” a student-directed documentary.  At the request of JFS, we recently linked the award-winning film to the site and it is now openly available and free to watch.


From the project’s about page:

After more than 70 years of closed borders, the former Soviet Union allowed more than one million Jews to immigrate to America and Israel in the late 1980s. American activism under Operation Exodus had a large part in this change in policy and the Richmond Jewish community in the resettlement of 800 refugees.

Twenty-five years later, Jewish Family Services and the University of Richmond Hillel are creating a permanent collection of the experiences and memories of the families who immigrated and the community volunteers who welcomed them.

“Draw Back the Curtain,” a feature-length documentary film, is the culmination of three years of student driven research and interviewing of immigrants and resettlement volunteers. The larger project includes multiple museum exhibitions, and an upcoming digital archive.

This project is a great example of the library working with groups on and off campus to create something meaningful to the Richmond community and beyond.  Take some time to browse around the site, check out the exhibits, and watch the film.

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