April Update

Stats for April 2014

  • Materials cataloged/awaiting cataloging: 4,750/381
  • Catalog records revised: 4,403
  • Page images digitized: 2,610
  • Still images digitized: 576
  • Library catalog visitors/page views: 14,443/64,971
  • Library catalog searches: 26,082
  • Digital collection visitors/page views: 3,171/10,020

Project Snapshot

UR Scholarship: 77 more theses and undergraduate honors papers were deposited into the Scholarship Repository in April. In our ongoing retrospective digitization effort, 20 more papers (894 pages) were imaged and prepped for uploading. This work will continue during the summer.

Centennial Exhibit: In big news, we have determined a title for our project. It comes from an article Dr. Boatwright wrote for the Religious Herald in 1910 shortly after the Richmond College Board of Trustees approved the purchase of land at Westhampton for the new site. (See Angie’s great post for more information about the Religious Herald.) After an eloquent description of the varied landscape and features of the area, Dr. Boatwright writes: “Amid such surroundings we plan to build for the centuries. May our twin Colleges soon crown the western heights above the river and the lake!” As tribute to Dr. Boatwright’s vision and leadership in bringing the colleges to our present location, we have titled the site “For the Centuries.” Work continues on the project as a whole.

Draw Back the Curtain: Our department has been supporting this ongoing documentary project for some time, and in April we digitized an additional 256 items, which brings the imaging portion of our work to a conclusion. In the meantime we’ve installed an Omeka instance for the project team to work with during the summer – they will be using it in parallel with the museum exhibits and documentary, bringing the stories of Jewish immigrants to Richmond from the former Soviet Union online.

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